How To: Tie-dye denim like Isabel Marant

After seeing the photo of Elle Macpherson in tie-dye Isabel Marant jeans, a friend of mine and I HAD to have them. However, they don’t exactly fit into our budget so we got crafty.
  • Skinny denim (skinnies from Forever 21 for $10 found here)
  • bleach
  • rubber bands
  • rubber gloves
  • plastic container
1. If the jeans haven’t already been pre-washed, run it through the washing machine first.
2. Fill up your bucket with cold water. Soak your jeans in water until completely wet
3. Ring them out
4. Tie as many or as little rubber bands as you want onto your jeans. There is no right or wrong way to do this, the more rubber bands you tie on the more darker patches you will have.
5. Fill your bucket again with water and add half a bottle of bleach.
6. Using your rubber gloves place your jeans into water.
7. Depending on how light you want the tie dye parts to be, leave your jeans in the bucket for a few hours, checking constantly. It is also a good idea to place something heavy on top of the jeans to keep them under water.
8. Once you are happy with the colour, rinse the jeans in cold water and let them set for an 1/2 hour or so then proceed to wash them as usual.
9. Enjoy and work those sexy jeans out!
Here is how we did them:



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